Sunday, December 7, 2014

What CST thinks about Browns-Colts today

Colts 27, Browns 16

The Browns need 30 points to win this game. SCORE 30 POINTS DAMMIT! If that means putting in the Manziel package, put in the Manziel package. And, ahem, KEEP RUNNING THE DAMN BALL. I'll be rooting them on but not hopeful.

Browns 21, Colts 18

The Browns ride the train that brought them there and somehow pull off a win. Hoyer doesn't look great but pulls it out. The question is, how do you bench someone when you keep winning?

Colts 28, Browns 17 

Injuries on defense and questions over the starting QB will likely be what derails the Browns' 2014 playoff push. Just don't have confidence the Browns can put three or four TDs on the board this Sunday with Hoyer under center. Nor is the defense stout enough when it comes to stopping the Andrew Luck-led Colts attack.
Who knows?

I'm in the muni lot already.

Browns 24, Colts 23

Donovan from Keane in the first half. Keane from Donovan in the 2nd half. Galaxy win 2-1! Of course, I'm talking about MLS Cup. They were foolish enough to schedule their championship during the heart of an NFL Sunday. So much for attracting casual fans.

For the record, football fans in Cleveland make me physically ill. Let it be known that  I support Hoyer, John Football and the great Coach Pettine. And I say "Coach" with the requisite Mid-Atlantic-Pettine accent.

Colts 30, Browns 13

Finally the quarterback controversy is back, and I can fill up my Sundays with football the angst I've been accustomed to over the past fifteen years.

Browns 3, Colts 0.

Becuase that's the pick I texted in apparently.

Browns 20, Colts 0

As I said yesterday, all of my teams win by 20 this weekend.