Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vote for the Indians' Bill Selby in the #OCABracket. Because it is right and just.

So Will Burge (@WillBurge) and TJ Zuppe (@TJZuppe) put together a list of Cleveland's most obscure athletes of all time. And while I disagree with the premise that Bill Selby is obscure--after all, he has been described as "God" and has been elected to the Hall of Fame (Buffalo Bisons style). Also, he has a Bond-like home run counter online.

Regardless...take a few minutes to vote for Bill Selby here...give us at Cleveland Sports Torture a ray of hope, celebrating a great teammate who gave us a great moment off Mo Rivera more than a decade ago. Never forget.

Here's another link to the vote so you don't forget...and in the meantime enjoy the memory!