Sunday, December 9, 2012

What we think will happen today vs. the Chiefs

altCleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Week 14)

December 9, 2012

Browns 27
Chiefs 6

Sometimes crazy ex-girlfriends win the battle. I'm thinking the Chiefs will wake up with their pet bunny in the crock-pot.


Browns 24
Chiefs 14

Browns win an uneventful game, meaning they keep their helmets on and actually win the game.


Browns 26
Chiefs 13

Expecting the Browns to win has been an exceedingly rare happenstance these past 14 years or so. Today's tilt against the Chiefs is a game the Browns should win, and rather handily.

Browns 26
Chiefs 20 

Thursday night, I dreamed KC routed us and I made out with Mary Kay Cabot in the press box at halftime. Half the dream comes true today.

Browns 28
Chiefs 14

If the Browns don't win today, then the progress made in the last two weeks is wasted. You have to beat teams that you're supposed to beat, especially at home.


Browns 24
Chiefs 14

Playoffs next year.



No pick this week