Sunday, December 23, 2012

What we think will happen today vs. the Broncos (Week 16)

altCleveland Browns at Denver Broncos (Week 16)

December 23, 2012

Broncos 31
Browns 13

All the air got let out last week. Win that and I could have seen the Browns winning out.


Broncos 34
Browns 14

Peyton Manning at home against a beat-up secondary. It's going to a long day in the Mile High City.


Broncos 30
Browns 14

Only two more weeks until we get to discuss another Browns front office change. The whip cream on that sundae will be four months of nonstop NFL draft talk. It's gonna be great! 

Broncos 27
Browns 17

Nick Swisher should suit up today and rush Peyton Manning the way he sprints around the bases after a HR. After all, for $54 mill, shouldn't you have to do more than hit .250 lifetime?

Broncos 31 
Browns 20

I get the shakes every time I see those ugly-ass uniforms (past or present) opposite the Brown and Orange, as I relive some of my most traumatic childhood memories.


Broncos 30
Browns 20

I don't expect to win but we need to keep it respectable to get back some of the confidence that got kicked out of us last week.


Broncos 23
Browns 20
in OT

The ghost of Christmas past haunts us. Manning with a late-game drive to push the contest into overtime. Broncos with a bullshit field goal to win it.