Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ohio State-Syracuse liveblog. It's for the Final Four!

Getty Images / Jim Rogash
Friday night I picked up some “Mind Putty” at a brain store, and working it like a madman in my stress for this Elite 8 game, so figured I might as well try to channel it into words. Because the “ugghs” and “ohhs” and other less typeable utterances that I have let go of during the first ten minutes of the game have got to go somewhere. Ohio State is winning but it's like a series of haymakers.

1H 10:30 remaining: Craft looking very energetic..or maybe it’s too much toward frantic. Nearly turned it over but a kickball saved him.

9:55 Ravenel with a big strong play underneath drawing the foul and now putting the Buckeyes in the bonus for the rest of the half

9:17 And that quick, Syracuse has its first lead of the game.

8:53 After Bill Raftery said “I was never really into tips anyway”, Aaron Craft with a very ugly 15 footer. Syracuse ball and draws a foul at the other end.

8:22 Craft tells Amir Williams “Dunk that MF’er!” on national TV. (He was fouled on the shot.) And the Buckeye twittersphere agrees.

7:52 Now Raftery talking about “his stroke not looking unattractive” Settle down, Bill.

6:35 Tied at 23, Buckeyes are without Sully and in the double bonus, and so throw up a floater airball. DRIVE THE HOOP.

6:28 ...and on the other end, Boeheim gets T’d up for arguing a charge. Will Buford instantly misses the first free throw.

4:56 Amir Williams puts a Syracuse shot into the second row. Nice. Again, Ohio State in the double bonus....please drive the hoop every time.

4:18 AMIR WILLIAMS. Dude is on every play. Slams home 2 as Ohio State beats the zone. 

3:53 William Buford tries to hit a Kobe step forward, fall away jumper from 18 feet. Misses terribly. At least he follows his shot. (Probably the third time this tournament I’ve curse his shots and then been happy he went after the rebound.)

2:04 Buford throws up an airball, and on the next possession, a crazy offbalance shot, which he gets the rebound, and then misses another crazy shot, that fortunately goes out on the Orange.

Wowser. I have no idea what is into Will Buford but it might be the same thing as me. (That would be Miller Lite.)

0:06 With barely any time left, Ohio State gets a break, and Buford can’t finish. Gets knocked away and Craft misses a desparation 3. 29-29 at the half. And my computer is wondering why I haven’t typed Jared Sullinger’s name this entire time. Because I have gotten as much PT during the last 10 minutes as he has. 2 fouls, he’s sat for something like 12 minutes. 

And that is why I’m not freaking out. There is a virtual (and not so virtual) mob with fire and pitchforks coming for the refs, Sullinger’s been a non-factor, and Buford has been a negative. Yet this game is tied.

...That State Farm commercial with the agent basically dirty dancing with his client in the stands of (apparently) an NCAA

Rick Pitino and Anthony Davis are being interviewed at halftime. Seriously, Anthony, it’s okay for a guy to get his eyebrows done, in certain circumstances.

2H 19:20 Will Buford with a beautiful floater after what had looked like a busted OSU possession. Perhaps it’s a second-half kind of night? 

18:16 After the teams trade points, Buford again goes strong and gets fouled. Makes both and it’s 35-33 Buckeyes.

16:12 And the second half whistle-love fest continues, as the refs have called 8 fouls in the first 4 minutes. Awesome.

13:10 The Buckeyes are on a serious momentum run. Aaron Craft just went into the third row saving a ball, then sprinted back on offense, got a bit too excited and turned it over. Then commits two quick fouls. Buckeyes up 7 after Syracuse hits a 3 the old fashioned way.

Somewhere about 10:00, the refs are now just blowing whistles to stop and chat with each other.
9:00 Buford reverts. Throws up a moving 3 and misses badly. He is heat checking when the propane is empty.
Getty Images/Jim Rogash
7:43 And I just typed “Browns” instead of “Buckeyes” when typing through tears as the Bucks are listless, floundering and up by only 1. See, listless and floundering are usually terms I associate with the team in brown and orange.

3:16 For lack of a better idea, to get some good luck, I have joined my first ever Google Hangout. Me, my friend Kevin, and his six year old daughter, hopefully rooting the Bucks on via technology.


0:48.8 After Craft gets smacked in the face (with an amazing no call), he does eventually get fouled, makes two shots, Syracuse gets a quick 2, a steal on the OSU inbound, and a foul that ends up in 2 free throws. 4 point game and I’m unable to breathe, let alone talk. Even over the web.

36.8. Bucks make 2 FTs, Syracuse instantly converts a shot and one. 3 point game. and I’m having heart failure. Damn Dick Cheney jumping me in line. I think I need a transplant and can't be waiting 2 years.

0.0. BALL GAME. The Ohio State University 77, Syracuse 70. I’m searching for tickets to New Orleans. Seriously. And they’re not cheap. Uh oh.

Celebrated with a little dance party via video chat.  And I don't care that it was to Ke$ha.