Wednesday, March 21, 2012

James "too tough" for concussions, but re-aggravates fake injured elbow

LeBron James looked like a real tough guy last night in the Heat's win over the Suns.  Sort of. He collided with Grant Hill when both were going for a loose ball and took a shoulder in the head for his efforts. He supposedly was shaken up, but stayed in the game after some well rehearsed theatrics (such as laying prone on the floor.)

Earlier in the game, he took a hard foul and landed on his elbow. The "same elbow (he) hurt in Cleveland."

Oh yeah, that one.

Why do I even feel the need to remark on this bozo down south? Because like an old episode of I Love Lucy, it's so familiar and makes me think of old times...overexaggerated injuries, fake ones, what's next? Perhaps hiding a razor blade underneath his pads to make a little cut should someone touch him when he drives the hoop? Dear sir, it's hard to get sympathy when nobody likes you, so please stop trying.