Monday, February 6, 2012

Who cares about MIA's middle finger?

Seriously...the story about how ex-gigantically-pregnant rapper/singer MIA flipped off America is a lead story on Yahoo Sports right now. Like anyone cares. If this had been before the advent of social media, it would have barely gotten a mention. I bet 99% of people didn't even see it.
Who cares. If your kid didn't know what that very useful gesture meant, then they wouldn't have noticed a thing. If they did, then it didn't affect them one way or another. Or certainly less than the violent movie ads interspersed throughout the entire Super Bowl would affect them.
And don't try and pretend you didn't flip off Bill Belichick a few times anyway. Not to mention Tom Brady and Mario Manningham. If you weren't, then your kids weren't getting the right message at home anyway.