Thursday, December 8, 2011

What we think will happen vs. the Steelers (Week 14)

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

December 8, 2011


Steelers 20
Browns 10
Colt McCoy (and Pat Shurmur, for that matter) are still looking for their first division win. The pitiful offense put up for the Browns can't possibly push them over the top to get it this week. But I think their defense and garbage-time scoring keeps them inside the point spread.

Steelers 34
Browns 6
The Browns catch the Steelers at the worst time, short week, key injuries, and absolutely no idea of what their identity is on offense. This isn't going to be pretty.  Steelers are 14-1 vs the Browns in the last 15 games, so not sure it's much of a rivalry anymore. 

Steelers 27
Browns 9
The horror...another division game that's not going to be close. The talent gap between the Browns and their AFC North rival is Grand Canyon sized and will take a great draft or two to narrow.

Steelers 28
Browns 10
This just in kiddies: The Browns stink.

Pittspuke 22
Browns 0
A Las Vegas sharp told me he loaded up on Cleveland when the line jumped from 11 to 13.5. National TV, division game, short week, etc., he said. Browns fans know better.

Browns 20
Steelers 17
Browns shock the world. (Editor's note: Ryan will be shocking the world in his orange pants at the stadium. And it's Cleveland 1, Pittsburgh 0 in cornhole so far.)

Steelers 27
Browns 13
It's that time of year where we eye the standings and other teams order to figure our potential seeding. In next year's draft.