Monday, December 19, 2011

What we think will happen vs. the Cardinals (Week 15)

Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals

December 18, 2011

*Due to a technical error, the CST predictions were not posted in time for the game. This is what we planned on saying yesterday before the game...


Browns 13
Cardinals 7
Is it over yet? 

Cardinals 21
Browns 10
The Browns actually look good in this game. With the vet Seneca Wallace running the offense we actually get to see what the west coast offense looks like. If Wallace looks good whats that mean for Colt McCoy long term....

Cardinals 24
Browns 10
This is the last game of the year in which the Browns have any chance at winning, but victory led  by a back-up quarterback would gain them nothing but lost slots in the upcoming draft. So yeah, such is out lot in another invigorating Browns season!

Cardinals 17
Browns 16
The Cardinals won 4 out of 5 with QB John Skelton starting in place of Kevin Kolb. I don't care if former Ohio State basketball star Jaime Skelton was starting for Arizona - the Browns are the Browns, even with a career backup starting for injured Colt McCoy. If Seneca Wallace moves the offense with any amount of efficiency we'll have (yet) another QB controversy and it will "business as usual" for President Big Show in Brownstown.

The Vox is off this week.

Cardinals 20
Browns 17
No comment.

Cardinals 27
Browns 10
Beanie runs wild...