Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Ultimate F U

Don't do it Lebron. Don't do it.
How could you?
Going on national television and telling the entire city of Cleveland to collectively f*ck off.
The reason I think he can and will is he doesn't care about Cleveland, never has, never will.
He likes the Yankees, the Cowboys, the Bulls, and most of all Akron. And he will tell the people of Akron that he can put them even more on the map by playing elsewhere.
I'm still confused by the Miami thing. As the Nets owner pointed out that would ruin the "Lebron brand" which I agree. So I just don't see how he can go there.
I don't fault him for leaving here. The Bulls team is much better that what we have here, Miami too. I think you can make the argument the Knicks could be better over the next 2-3 years as well. He just doesn't have to do it in the F U fashion he has chosen.
I think I am to the point I actually want him to leave. I have never loved the Lebron Cavs' like I loved the Price, Daugherty, Ehlo, Nance, Hot Rod Cavs' and after this spectacle I can't even look at Lebron the same.
It will be interesting to say what he has to say no matter where he ends up. Even if he comes back it will sort of feel like a girlfriend who cheats on you, maybe you take her back but you will never have quite the same feelings for her.

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