Thursday, July 8, 2010

12 Hours to Go

This is insane. I went to bed last night and woke up this morning with LeBron on my mind. I had a dream last night that he went to the Clippers, THE CLIPPERS. As of this morning he is no doubt about it going to Miami, by lunch time it will be New York, and by the time I'm home it will be the Bulls. Hopefully at 9:10 or so tonight he will tell the world, he's staying home.

I was wondering this morning what could the Cavs have done differently. We certainly spent a bunch of money, won a lot of games (during the regular season), and did everything we could do to try and will it all. Of course none of it worked, as we are still without a title, but really was there much more that Dan Gilbert and Co. could of done?

Maybe the Cavs should of gutted the roster the past 2 years a la  Miami, so we would have room for max contracts, it seems to be paying off for them. If the Cavs would have pulled that crap, there would be 0% chance LeBron would resign with us. It's amazing that they were able to bring back Wade and get Bosh, and maybe even LeBron by basically saying we are trying to "win" but not really, come play for us.

Or Lebron can head off to NY and score 35-40 a game with the 7 seconds or less offense, and get no where in the play-offs because D'Antonio's team's do not play defense.

So does he stay or does he go? Is it really going to be better elsewhere?

As of right now...I think he's gone, unless the Cavs do something MAJOR via trade today.

But on the other hand, would he really have the balls to break a city's heart on national TV in primetime, and then have 50 minutes worth of interviews and video highlights?

Whatever happens I'm sure we will all be watching. At least this time tomorrow the insanity will be over, hopefully.
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