Friday, April 9, 2010

Mixed week in Chicago

Well I live in Chicago now, and this week was like manna from heaven--after a long off season, the Indians open up the season in Chicago.  I was able to take off work Monday and go to a perfect weather Opening Day, 75 degrees and sunny in early April.  Unfortunately the weather was the only glorious part as the Tribe's bats were silent and they fell 6-0 to the White Sox.  To paraphrase Harry Doyle "Four G*d Damn Hits??!? That's all we got?"  Anyway, the Tribe bounced back with back to back wins over the Sox on Wednesday and Thursday, and as they say, if you win every series, the season might just turn out okay.

Then I made it over to the United Center Thursday for the Cavs-Bulls.  Sounds fun until I realized that maybe without Boobie, Delonte, LeBron, and Shaq, it's not exactly the same thing.  Great game actually, and despite losing, that pushes it closer to a Bulls-Cavs first round series.  Wait a minute, why does that make me cringe?

Anyway--thinking maybe I should stay away from any playoff games.  We'll see.