Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did it follow me to Chicago?

I am doing some quick remembering, and since I moved to Chicago in January 2008, I've attended lots of games with "my" teams against Chicago teams.

And the record isn't too good.

If I'm not mistaken, except for last November 5, when the Cavs beat the Bulls, I've been to:

March AND April losses late in the 07-08 season for the Cavs in Chicago.
January 2009 Cavs v. Bulls where they got demolished, even in a season when they won 66 games.
A Wrigley Field trip for the Indians where they got swept and their season got flushed down the toilet.
A Browns blowout loss where the Bears felt they looked like crap, even as they won by 24 points.
And Tuesday night, a shootout loss by the Blue Jackets to the Blackhawks.

I know I've been to a couple Indians losses to the White Sox too.

I guess if the Cavs play the Bulls in the postseason, I'll just watch on television.