Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The mohawk may look ridiculous…

…but Damon Jones (I couldn’t find a picture of him with the new ‘do) is contributing to the Cavs’ current winning ways. He had eight points in the fourth quarter last night to help Cleveland beat Miami on a poor shooting night by LeBron. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Jones is contributing more these days than Hughes or Sasha, when a month ago he was refusing to come off the bench in mop-up time against the Heat and singing “trade me” songs in the locker room.

Now Jones is hitting clutch treys, driving to the hoop for layups, and not making a fool of himself handling the point guard duties. Obviously he’s not the ultimate answer for the team’s guard problems, but he’s doing well with the minutes he’s getting.

How about Miami? Shaq moves like he’s wearing concrete shoes. Who’s their second-best player? Ricky Davis? They also have a PG named Quinn who looks about 16 with his fuzzy little moustache. The current Heat are a bit reminiscent of the Cavs in the first year with LeBron…lots of one-on-one play and not much else…although that Cavs’ team was not as bad as this Miami team.