Saturday, October 6, 2007

Read it and weep New York

Some headlines you may see in tomorrow's New York Post:

-Indians Plague Yanks for 2-0 Series Lead
-Gnat Again! Yanks Fall to Tribe
-Insects Clobba Joba, Yankees
-Bugs Bite Bombers
-Yankees Swatted out of Cleveland

I took a peek on the Yankees' message board and plenty of fans were blaming the umps for not calling the game after the swarm descended upon Jacobs Field. How about all those gnarly closeups of Chamberlain's sweaty, insect covered neck? Those must have looked kickass on HD. Whatever..Carmona was dealing with those same bugs when he K'd Mr. Regular Season MVP in the 9th. Fausto's filthy. Thank God for Pronk...I had horrifying visions of him taking that 3-2 pitch for a called strike three. Losing this game after Carmona's great performance (and having so many chances with RISP against Pettitte) would have been very bad.

Of course, I'm not going to count out the Yankees. They've built their legend (at least during their string of 13 straight playoff appearances of which we've been witnesses) on extracating their asses from the proverbial sling. Tribe's got to jump on Clemens early Sunday because Westbrook's probably gonna give up some runs. Get to that shaky NY middle relief, give WestB five innings, and hand the ball to Lewis, Betancourt, Perez and if need be Borowski to finish things off. Many Cleveland fans are scared of JoeBo, but Wedge is going to put him in during save situations, so prepare yourselves for that eventuality. Me, I can wait on that as the Tribe finishes off the sweep by a count of 9-5.