Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vox Votes '08

Good intentions I had when I started this column. Honestly. We would all get rich from my NFL handicapping skills. But I am not Cleveland's premier handicapper. I'm not even the premier handicapper in my own house. That honor belongs to the dog, who can sniff out a skunk long before I can these days. After a sizzling September, I went O for October. I have now endured four straight losing weeks. Where do we go now, Axl?

Well, with eight weeks in the books, help is on the way.

Miami +3.5 over Denver
New England +6 over Indy
Eagles -6 over Seattle
Rams +3 over Arizona

Last week: 0-2-1
Season: 7-8-3

Almost forgot, McCain is +400 to win on tuesday. BarryO is -700. The books are basically begging you not to bet on Barrack. This line obviously indicates there will be no drama; Obama is in. And yet I am resisting the urge to put a few hundred on Cain. I am still beating myself up for not taking Bernard Hopkins at +300 in a fight I believed was a toss-up, but I didn't want to bet against Kelly. And I certainly don't want my money against Obama, but I have to wonder if this presidential line is a major error.

This column marks my formal endorsement of the Obama/Biden ticket. I was a Hillary supporter and somewhat undecided when this race started, although I was modestly leaning towards Barrack. I even considered voting for Ron Paul. Three things put me firmly in Barry's corner:

1) Cain's running mate. I wrote when he picked Palin that she seemed eerily similar to George Bush...a dumb governor with strong evangelical ties and a dangerous ideology that directly conflicts with our constitution's mission of separation of church and state.

2) Rolling Stone's article on Cain, "Make Believe Maverick." This piece exposed him as a lousy soldier, a bad student, and eager to compromise his views for political gain. I once admired Cain for calling out the religious right as "agents of intolerance" in 2000 and probably would've supported him over Gore, but his actions in this campaign only cater to the very group that he decried.

3) Obama's modern day messiah speech in Denver. "John McCain likes to say that he'll follow bin Laden to the Gates of Hell - but he won't even go to the cave where he lives."

Let it be known, I'm all for Issue 6 and I don't give a fuck if the entire casino is a loophole. In fact, I don't even give a fuck if they rig every slot so the house always wins. And I don't care if Berman keeps every dime of profit. Will the construction, implementation and fulfillment of a resort casino create thousands of jobs? Yes. Will a resort casino increase tourism in Ohio? Absolutely. Will it open the door for other casino opportunities in Ohio? It sure can't hurt.
Will Issue 6 pass? Not a chance in hell.

Also, please please please vote no on Issue 5. A cap on interest rates will effectively put joints like Payday loans out of business, costing this city and state more jobs that it desperately needs and eliminating a service that is extremely necessary for consumers with bad credit. I don't believe in government regulation of interest rates. Nobody forces you to borrow money. And for those that choose to, let the free market determine the rate of interest.
I think this will be a close vote, And I was happy to hear the message Craig Krenzel left on my answering machine urging my household to vote no on this anti-capitalism referendum.

And one more VoxVote...Annette Butler over incumbent Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason.

she's the dollars
she's my protection
yeah she's a promise
in the year of election

I am a preacher stealin' hearts at a travelin' show in the box.