Sunday, October 9, 2016

What CST thinks about the Browns-Patriots today

New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns

October 9, 2016

Patriots 38, Browns 20 

I have a feeling the visiting team will win both Boston-Cleveland match-ups today.

Patriots 42, Browns 10

The game you need to watch today against a Boston team starts at 4. With the two other teams in town excelling in their sport, it makes me wonder how long Browns fans will accept the losing ways. The idea that this team shouldn't be 0-4, or is a good  team for 0-4 is nonsense. We are 0-4, soon to be 0-5 for a reason.

Patriots 28, Browns 20

The Browns are due to get blown out and you'd think Tom Brady's return would mark that occasion with a vengeance. However, the Browns coaching staff has prepared this young roster well all season, and I expect nothing less today. So the Browns cover a 10.5 spread and give Cleveland another Moral Victory Monday to celebrate. (Damn, that reads even sadder than it sounded in my head)
Patriots 30, Browns 13

I wish we were talking about the return of Josh Gordon today. At least we are better at baseball.

Patriots 33, Browns 20

Welcome to CLE vs. BOS Day, 2016. Bostonians may have 9 championships since 2001, but, in my career as a sports fan, we are deadlocked at 5-5, head-to-head in the playoffs. Wins: '92 and '15 Cavs, '95 and '98 Indians, '94 Browns. Losses: '85, '08, '10 Cavs, '99 and '07 Indians. Tonight, we break the tie, but not before we sacrifice another meaningless Browns game for the return of Messiah Brady.

Patriots 33, Browns 10 

The Patriots may beat the Browns today, but the REAL Patriot will be on stage tonight to thrash a certain corrupt legacy candidate with his unparalleled temperament, classiness and political acumen!  The Trump campaign continues to roll on with the momentum of a thousand semi-trucks with their brakes cut!!

Patriots 34, Browns 17

I'm sure we'd all trade a loss in Cleveland for a victory in Boston today.

Browns 24, Patriots 10

New England strikes out again in Cleveland.