Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sports Months, Ranked

1. October. Baseball playoffs, NFL and NHL and college football in full mode, Browns may even not be eliminated yet at this point. Bonus!
2. May. NBA Playoffs with games every single night. Enough said. But also warmer-than-freezing baseball, the Kentucky Derby, NHL playoffs, etc.
3. June. NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Nice. And the US Open is pretty cool.
4. March. March Madness makes up for an otherwise slow month in the major pro sports.
5. January. NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl (I'll throw this in January for all intents and purposes.)
6. April. Opening Day for Baseball, The Masters, and finally the slog of the NBA regular season is over giving way to meaningful games again. Oh and the NFL Draft!
7. September. Best weather of the year, NFL and College is back, and pennant races in baseball too.
8. November. The month where Ohio State beats Michigan, and the best day of the year, Thanksgiving, with tons of food and some football to boot.
9. December. NBA and NFL in full effect, and if you like to gamble, you have 27,000 bowl games to choose from.
10. August. Yay, NFL is almost here! Unless you're a season ticket holder, and are paying for 2 exhibition games at full price.
11. July. Uggh. Even the regular early month #WojBomb can't save this horrific month.
12. Getting hit by a bus. (with apologies to Deadspin.)
13. February. The doldrums of the NBA season, and the despair of football being gone. Plus you are going out of your mind from the weather. Just book a flight to Mexico now.