Thursday, June 2, 2016

What CST Thinks About The 2016 Finals

2016 NBA Finals
June 2, 2016 

Cavs in 6

It happens. Cavs find the matchups for Golden State's Lineup of Death just enough to squeak out a road victory and hold court at home. The weapons besides LeBron come through, especially from downtown. And Cleveland celebrates before Cleveland burns during the RNC.


Cavs in 6

Up 2-1 with a depleted roster last year gives me hope. But which Cavs team shows up? Locked-in or careless? Two things I know for sure - it will take me less than five minutes to hate Steph Curry's mouthpiece and Draymond Green's every move...again.

Warriors in 7

Cavs losing home court hurts, as does having to face Golden State's wood chipper offense over the course of a long series. Slowing down the Warriors while limiting their own offensive lapses are the only means of ultimate victory for the good guys.

Warriors in 7

Home teams go 7-0, I reckon. The only certainty is that the worst part of The Finals will be Mark Jackson, Curry's pacifier, and incessantly corny commercials from Buick & State Farm.

Cavs in 7

Yes, in 7. That's at least 263 less than the Electoral votes The Donald will get. (Vox: If the Cavs win in 7, I'm your Irish Uncle.)

Warriors in 6

The visitors locker room will smell like Champagne again.

Cavs in 6

Dare I say.