Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Browns introduce new logo, much ado about nothing

Ever since the Browns sent a cryptic email to their Backers' clubs last week teasing a new "rebranded" logo, there has much much panic in the street. Would they add a logo to the helmet? Would they get rid of Brownie the Elf? Would they accentuate Brownie the Elf? Would they use a sad picture of Paul Brown? Would they change their colors to Wine and Gold?

Well, the changes are in this morning. Hold on to your pants, because they are groundbreaking. 

Actually, no. they're not.

Flatter design. Yay. Just like every mobile phone screen out there, like Android Material Design or iOS design . A brighter orange. Not sure if the Browns front office just updated their iPhonesor what, but seems like they took some inspiration from there.

Not that excited, not that annoyed. It's just fine. The brown facemasks are the most interesting part of the whole logo, and could have slipped under the radar. I imagine they will be part of the uniform redesign we see in April.