Thursday, July 10, 2014

LeBron Watch 2014: Are we having fun yet?

The waiting is the most difficult aspect.
So dawns another day of refreshing Twitter to see if cupcake lady, shirtless personal trainer guy, or anyone with actual concrete information knows anything about the landing spot of mega free agent/hometown hero/worse-than-Hitler traitorous scum LeBron James. 

Analysts have already predicted a 68 percent drop-off in work productivity regionally today as legions of office drones constantly check their phones for any shred of news. No need to be embarrassed, Cleveland. That's just how we roll, for better or worse.

Whether LeBron Watch 2014 is another Cleveland sports version of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown remains to be seen. In the meantime, people seem to be having fun with the so-called Decision II. A local sports-talk radio station has led the optimism charge, creating catchy hashtags and playing "Happy" during ad breaks. 

At first these efforts felt like a contrived, whistling-past-the-graveyard response to guard against inevitable disappointment, but as "The Return" clamor has grown in rumor if not in fact, it's refreshing to have a beacon of positivity pumping out the good vibes.

If only I could join in on the fun! Not that I don't think there's a chance James will come back to Cleveland - there's too much smoke and innuendo floating around for this not to be a real possibility - it's that I want this to be over already.

Yesterday, as James's meeting with pro basketball's version of Tywin Lannister commenced, I was feeling an undue amount of stress over what snake oil that slickster was trying to sell. This was an unhealthy response to a situation that had no direct impact on my life or well-being, don't ya know.  I had crossed over the "fun" threshold, paper-thin in the first place, into the realm of "let this end."

I still feel that way as of this morning, though now I've reached a Zen-like state of acceptance. Whatever will be, will be. Don't let the millionaires ruin your day, etc. Mind you, this could change upon the next "according to sources" update from Miami Heat mouthpiece, err, unbiased NBA reporter Brian Windhorst, but for now, I'm cool to let this play out.

Well, got to get back to Twitter. A guy I've never heard of just posted something unsubstantiated regarding a circumstance out of my control. Ta-ta!