Saturday, May 24, 2014

Better to be good than lucky

Save us, Johnny!
If you haven't heard, Cleveland has the luckiest unlucky fanbase in the entire sports universe.

The Cavaliers just came off winning their third draft lottery in four years, while the Browns became a national story for non-criminal reasons thanks to the whirlwind arrival of Johnny Manziel. The Indians got into the action, too, sweeping the division-leading Tigers in what may have been a season-saving series. 

The Tribe's balk-off win on Wednesday afternoon put a cap on what's been an uplifting couple of weeks for Cleveland sports; one of those pockets of air that occasionally bubble up from the ocean of despair all three of our teams have been inhabiting more or less since May 2010.

The last two weeks certainly have given fans some much needed hope and optimism, and that's great. I was happy and surprised as anyone when the Cavs overcame astronomical odds to snatch the top spot in a draft where a nutless monkey could heave dung at a scouting report and still find franchise-changing talent.

And's difficult for me to get super pumped about prospects, draft picks and the ever popular if-comes that win-starved Clevelanders have been hanging their hopes on for too many years.

It's not that I'm wary of the sports universe coming into back into balance through some terrible reversal - though Josh Gordon's most recent troubles seem to point to some mischievous god messing with us - it's just that I'm in "show-me mode" when it comes to my excitement level with our teams.

Cleveland may be "addicted to draft picks," but I despise them. Draft picks are unfulfilled promises until they translate to wins on the field and/or court. Call it prudence - or outright cynicism - but I have no problem playing the part of Captain Bringdown until the Browns, Cavs and Indians prove they're not just the sporting world's version of the dog that's had its day.