Friday, January 3, 2014

What we think Ohio State will do in the Orange Bowl Tonight

altBuckeyes vs. Clemson Tigers

January 3, 2014

Ohio State 45
Clemson 27

Even with a shorthanded and somewhat nervewracking defense, the Buckeyes take care of business. For the record I feel they would still beat MSU 7 of 10 times, and Florida State and Auburn at least half the time. Damn.


Clemson 41
Ohio State 34

After being stomach punched in the Big Ten Title game Ohio State falls behind early and fails to rally in time. Next year with a new playoff system finally gives meaning to these somewhat meaningless bowl games.


Ohio State 

Ohio State 

Handicapping meaningless bowl games is not in my CST contract, sorry. But I'll happily use this space to lobby for KG to see the majority of tonight's snaps and...JT to be the next HC of the CB!!!!


Ohio State 


Ohio State 41

Clemson 31
Every time I see Braxton Miller I can't help but think of Terrell Pryor 2.0. Each game, each year I expect(ed) to see them improve in passing the ball. Each game, each year I am dissapointed. Woody will be looking down smiling as Carlos Hyde legally punches Clemson in the mouth with a 200 yard performance.


Ohio State 44

Clemson 42

That's because I care.