Saturday, October 9, 2010

What if the Tribe made a free-agent run at some of our Old Favorites?

Omar, Victor, Jim

It might be one way to get a few more fans in the seats.

Sure, Long-Term there is not a big benefit here, but let’s consider it for a moment. Omar Vizquel was paid somewhere around 1.375m this year (About 1m more than each Nix & Marte) and to say he is a serviceable fielder would be an understatement. Injuries have popped up each of the last few seasons on the infield for the Tribe and Omar would draw fans out to the games, even if only for 90’s nostalgia. He is still amazing to watch. I have not really looked into it, but I don’t know of any mention on him retiring. I wouldn’t mind another year of watching a future Hall of Famer (IMO) field the ball and slap a few doubles down the lines. (Asdrubal would happily give up the #13 for Omar, I am certain)

I Love Cleveland. I am sucker for players who love Cleveland or for anyone who loves Cleveland, for that matter. And who could not love Victor. I remember when he was being interviewed on one of those winter Tribe shows that look like they were filmed by a high school AV team when he was rookie. He spoke very little English and was smiling the whole interview even though he was going to stay in Cleveland for the winter to work on his game instead of playing winter ball somewhere in the Caribbean. I remember the cameras on Victor in the dugout after losing (there has to be a better word than losing here, blowing maybe) to the Red Sox in 2007. I remember him answering questions in the locker room after being traded, wearing sunglasses to hide his tears. You don’t see that very much…in any city. Of Course where do you put him. I hear his salary get is down since he is looking more like a 1B/DH than a catcher. Which is fine with me, because Santana looks like a carbon copy of Victor, with a little more power. In case your wondering that Hafner contract has 2 more years on it, and it is tough for him to play more than 2 or 3 games in a row…as a DH. I am OK with Victor at 1st for while.

Thome, I really can do with out. (1.5m this year) I do not like Thome since he left Cleveland. He could have stayed and been a legend in Cleveland for the rest of time. He didn’t, he left, and I don’t like him. It surprises me each time he comes back to play at The Jake there seems to be more and more people cheering for him. Do people forget? Does he get more respect now since he is so high on the HR list, without the suspicion of PED’s? I don’t like Thome, don’t forgive Thome, and don’t want him back. He didn’t; take an hour out on ESPN to leave, but I still find that “my wife is my rock” press conference almost as memorable. I am almost glad to pay Hafner the millions to occupy a spot where Thome would fit in. But there seems to be some population in Cleveland who wouldn’t mind putting up with him at 1st or DH as he pushes for 600 Dingers.

This might be my way on hanging on to the past. I have become more and more disenchanted with baseball over the years because of the uneven playing field $-wise. Still, Victor to me would be a good solid player and great in the club house. It makes sense to me in my head. The Omar idea may just be a circus act or a ploy to bring back the 90’s. 2007 was all the more enjoyable with Kenny back and producing big hits against the Yankees. A favorite from the last run (or the 1st run for most of us) contributing with the next generation. A few stars from yesteryear on the cheap, what have the Indians got to lose. That can always be used as trade bait next July if there is some production from one of these guys, assuming we are not in the playoff conversation.

By the way, I think Kenny would be happy to suit up and pinch run here and there. Sandy is already coaching first, and I am pretty sure Julio Franco wants to play again.

“You guys will get your Championship, I guarantee it.”
-Kenny at his Indians Hall of Fame Speech

Thanks Kenny, thanks for understanding us.