Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Ohio State Problem

Saturday night's game showed that the defense of Ohio State was more
than up to the task of competing with the potent Trojans (despite
their freshman QB). But it exposed one thing, and convinced many
people of another.

1. I've felt for a couple years that the vaunted "Tressel ball" of
field position and mind-numbingly boring games, often too close with
weaker opponents and as of late not enough for big-name opponents, is
not working. Troy Smith's magic covered up some of that but during his
years, but the pattern remains. Last night the Buckeyes were so
conservative, kicking 2 field goals on fourth and short, and passing
up a 53 yard attempt (within range) to punt on another 4th-and-one.
The Trojans, on the other hand, got 3rd and 4th downs at ease all
night long, even though they were generally kept in check most of the

The game was boring, and it didn't need to be that way

2. The second thing is that Terrell Pryor looked young and
inexperienced. In the first quarter he made some nice throws (despite
the INT) but for some reason wasn't able to regain that momentum the
rest of the game. Way too many flipped long sideline passes, not
enough quick slants and crosses. He's 6'5" for pete's sake! He can
see over the line!