Monday, March 2, 2009

Distance makes the heart grow fonder...

On a cold Chicago night when I'm trapped in my office way too long, it seems only Twitter (I'm @Pucky22 if you care!) and Sportacular, the iPhone app, keep me linked to the Cavs.

Would have loved to see LeBron vs. Dwayne Wade tonight...but the highlights did it for me instead! Great comeback and that dunk on O'Neal was amazing as well! 42 points for LBJ vs. 41 for Wade reminds me of the afternoon in Cleveland a couple years ago when I was lucky enough to watch a similar shootout from the last row at the top of the Q!

I guess the only way to celebrate is via haiku!

Watching 24 now...
Following Cavs on Twitter
Yay! Hash tag #Cavs win!