Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Days in a Cold Month

Terry Pluto today declares what most Cavs fans know already--this is one of the finest teams that a Cleveland fan will ever be lucky enough to watch.  Brings me back to the 1995 Indians, when every day they're expected to win--and to do something memorable nearly every night (sorry, this is the best video I could find). 

The team that could win it all was on the court Sunday. It's the team that plays like a hand in a glove. Yes, James is the thumb, and without a strong thumb, no hand can function at its peak. But the other four fingers -- all different sizes -- are needed.

West and Williams may be one of the smallest backcourts in the NBA, but they are among the best. They are two old-fashioned guards. They can handle the ball. They can shoot from long range. They can drive to the basket. They are absolutely delighted to be on the same court with James, and love sharing his spotlight.

Don't you love it not only when Ilgauskas swishes those 18-footers, but when the 7-foot-3 center dives on the court for a loose ball? Or when Ben Wallace taps out a rebound to a teammate? Or when Szczerbiak breaks his nose, puts on a mask and keeps hustling? Or when Anderson Varejao draws charges, throws elbows and absolutely infuriates opponents?

I love it.