Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Haiku Haiku Hai. Why not a haiku right now? Start showing your brains.

Ok--in honor of my one-time-favorite and still-readable-if-I-just-had-the-time columnist Gregg Easterbrook, let's start weekly Haikus to celebrate the current sports scene.

(By the way, here's TMQ's NFL Preview, all-haiku style. For the Browns it reads:

Quarterbacks many,
Playoff appearances few.
Old-new Cleveland Browns.

Forecast finish: 9-7)

Ok, I'll start 'em off:

Forty-three to zip;

You call this college football?

How 'bout a real foe?

Lots of prime time games,

Cleveland can show off to all;

Or else smell like Brown.

Pittsburgh opener

last year, me: "2 and 14"

Better start this year?