Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's always fun when the season ends July 1

I was at the Indians-White Sox game at "the Cell" last night, down the third base line near the foul pole. Which means I was in prime position to see Alexei Ramirez' game-tying home run in the 10th off Joe Borowski (after Blake's bomb in the top of the inning gave the Tribe the lead,) and how Ramirez' hit barely cleared the wall--landed maybe 2 feet over--but at such an angle that Ben Francisco couldn't have reached it without a ladder. No line drive, it was a towering shot.

I was with some work people--one Indians fan and two Cubs fans, but the Clevelanders could explain that what they just saw--in a one inning Cliffs' Notes version--was the life of a Cleveland fan. Good times.

Let's Go Tribe blog sums it up well too:

The game itself was a nice microcosm of this year's team. Cliff Lee again pitched magnificently, but couldn't stick around long enough for the offense to score its second run of the game. And when the Indians did take the lead, Joe Borowski blew the lead and the game. One good thing about the end of competitiveness is that the Indians don't have to pretend to need Borowski closing or even pitching in games.