Sunday, June 15, 2008


  1. ESPN commercial about the NBA Finals that says "After one of the biggest comebacks in playoff history..." ONE OF??? It's the NBA Finals. They were up by 24 AT HOME. 20 in the third quarter. Why not just call it the biggest comeback in NBA playoff history? I'm not positive if there was ever a bigger point deficit, but I think I heard it's the biggest 2nd half Finals comeback.
  2. While the Euro 2008 soccer tournament is great, the Macarena sounding club scene music ESPN uses for it is like fingernails on a chalkboard.
  3. The Stacy Keibler, Matt Hasselbeck, Chad Johnson, Tory Holt Reebok commercial. At least once a year you ask yourself "why would a famous person do a commercial like that?" (Rothlesberger Fathead commercial for example) This year it goes to Matt Hasselbeck. In the words of a close friend "I wanna shake the sh!t out of him" every time I see him dance in that commercial.
  4. The stomach flu or similar. I felt like I was hit by a truck for the better part of a week.