Thursday, February 21, 2008


If I hear one more so-called NBA analyst talk about Kobe, Garnett, Paul, or anyone else for MVP (Jeff "Balky" Van Gundy for one) I'm going to go absolutely nuts. Does anyone do more with less than Lebron? When he didn't win it two years ago, I thought it was highway robbery (and I was willing to hear arguments for Kobe that year). Nash winning it was nice, but he had (and still has) twice as much talent around him as Lebron... or Kobe did that year. But if he doesn't win it this year, then I declare it the biggest screwjob since that fateful night in Montreal, when Vince McMahon humiliated Bret Hart in front of his legion of Canadian fans. Of course, I'm talking about The Montreal Screwjob.

Second player in NBA history to record two back-to-back triple doubles in one season (the other being Magic).

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Lebron defines "MVP". To me the MVP isn't simply the best player in the league.... which some hackers refer to as the "MIP" (Most Important Player). It also isn't the person with the best stats, nor is it a person on one of the top teams. It's a combination of all that, but most importantly, it includes what that player means to his team and how that team is affected without him. (See my Nash vs. Lebron or Kobe argument).

"VALUABLE". It's right there in between Most and Player.

By the way, his fourth quarter dunk at the All-Star Game was sick.