Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Only 60 or 65 more spots and he'll earn his money...

As the Sports Guy posts in part one of his MVP countdown, Larry Hughes ranks #73 (down from #72 when Bill went to press) among shooting guards in John Hollinger's PER ratings on ESPN.com. #73. Ummm, wow.

297. Larry Hughes
Say what you want about John Hollinger's PER ratings, but it's never good when you're paying max money to someone who ranks 72nd on the 2-guard list. I've already preordered Brian Windhorst's book on Amazon.com -- "Why We Lost LeBron: Seven Long Years of Catastrophic Front Office Failure in Cleveland" -- even though the book can't officially be released until LeBron joins the 2010 Knicks. Get to work, Windhorst. Might as well start early.