Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My First Blog Movie Review

Top movies from ’06 (That I saw)
1. The Departed: Great Movie.

2. V for Vendetta: One of the better movies I can remember in years. It sure didn’t hurt having Natalie in the movie, best looking bald chick ever (Sorry Sinead)

3.Half-Nelson: There is talk that Gosling is the new actor of our generation, at least from my wife. I think I like him because his name was dropped in the "Lazy Sunday Rap"... Like Adams loves Gosling! Pretty good drug movie, if your into that. Michael from the Wire plays a small roll in it.

4. United 93: It doesn’t really feel like a Movie. But I stood in my Living Room speechless for the last 20 minutes and then a few minutes after the credit rolled. Side note: 10X better than that other Nick Cage WTC movie. They totally got it wrong with the off duty white Marine guy who found the 2 Police officers. They found out after the movie it was a black guy from Columbus. (He is getting his house redone on Extreme Home Makeover on channel 5 right now)

5. Lady in the Water: I might be the only person you know who dug this flick.

6. Little Miss Sunshine: I prefer Steve Carell in this more subtle role than 40 year old virgin or even as Michael Scott on the office.

7. The Illusionist

8. Thank You for Smoking

9. Inconvenient Truth: The way Al gore talks kinda of bugs me, but the content was good, well actually bad.

10. A Scanner Darkly: There must be a Keanu movie on my list every year. Robert Downey, Woody & Wynona add to it.

Worst movies from ‘06 (That I saw) while we are at it:
1. Superman Returns: This Movie just plain sucked. Finally Superman wills his way past the powers of Kryptonite (WTF). Somebody call me if Kevin Spacey is ever in another movie worth watching again. See bottom for Spacey list

2. The DaVinci Code

3. X-Men: I enjoyed the first 2, and hated the third

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: I kinda of liked the first one in a Disney way. When we went to the theatre there were a bunch of idiots dressed up in Pirate outfits in front of the Theatre with a Pirates Flag, a Sail, and a Pizza. That was the best part of the movie.

Top/Bottom 3 of his movies:
1.Usual Suspects
3.LA Confidential
Worst 3:
1. Pay it forward
2. Superman
3. K-Pax (I never saw it, but I thought I would go out on a limb and throw it on this list)

In my Queue
Iwo (Disappointed with Flags)
Half Nelson (Just saw it, see above)