Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vox Super L Pick

Super Bowl XXXVI was the first time I bet a significant amount of um, units, on a sporting event. I wasn't northeast Ohio's premier handicapper then; just a 27-year old young professional, living in a dingy apartment, with a hunch that two touchdowns were too much to lay in any championship game. To this day, it remains my favorite SB: U2 took the halftime show to church with a post-9/11 performance that will never be duplicated. And Adam Vinatieri's kick won my money-line wager as well, lifting the disrespected Patriots over the Greatest Show on Turf.

I can't recall more than a few plays from that game since I was playing poker with friends, but I do remember thinking that Super Bowl Sunday should be an official American holiday called Gambling Day. Considering all of the dollars wagered on squares and the point spread, the government might as well take your action on the game. The United States could probably pay our debt to China with the vig, not to mention the other benefits of legalizing gambling for even one day a year. This is likely to happen after Trump wins and makes us great again. I kid, I kid...but you can scroll down and collect my two-dime lock on the Republican nomination.

Before I share my much-coveted selection, let's look back on my well-documented history in handicapping the SuperBowl:

2008 (XLII): 2-dime winner on the Giants covering against the undefeated Patriots. This was my first public release, on Time Warner's The Daily Dose. Yes, I know it was a cable access show and a More Sports & Les Levine-spinoff, but the tape has to be floating out there somewhere.

2009 (XLIII): 1-dime winner. I nearly predicted the exact final score. Vox Pix is born, soon to become Vox Lox.

2010 (XLIV): No action for personal reasons. But instead you can read a poem I wrote over eight years, culminating in the Saints' game-winning pick off Peyton Manning.

2011 (XLV): 10-dime winner. The biggest play of my career; an anomalous Alex Hamilton on the Pack over Pittspuke. Fergalicious, def. 

2012 (XLVI): 2-dime loser. But CST brought sexy back.

2013 (XLVII): 1-dime winner. Correctly predicted the game was too close to call and abstained from betting, but recommended that my readers take the Ratbirds.

2014 (XLVIII): 2-dime winner on the underdog Seahawks. Broke up with the Cavs.

2015 (XLIX): 4-dime winner. My column was an ode to Tom Brady, but it was Pete Carroll's gaffe that brought down your book.

Vox SB Total: 6-1, +18 Dimes


Denver (+5.5) over Panthers, 3 Dimes
Carolina 26 Denver 21

Championship Sunday: 1-1, +2 Dimes
Season: 4-8, -3 Dimes
Career: 152-125-14, +42 Dimes

Bonus Plays:
Tottenham Hotspur FC to win the English Premier League, 2 Dimes
Marco Rubio to win the Republican Nomination, 2 Dimes
Coldplay Setlist: Viva La Vida/ Yellow/ Clocks