Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Browns save GLC, city's collective sanity

You may now go limp, Browns fans.

Saturday night’s Great Lakes Classic™ versus the Detroit Lions will be televised after all. The Blackout Clock was at 11 and steadily nearing midnight when our benevolent football franchise swooped in and saved the broadcast of this tradition-rich pre-season contest.

As reported by Plain Dealer Browns’ beat reporter Tony Grossi:

Approximately 4,800 tickets were available as of this morning, but the Browns and (WKYC Channel 3) agreed to share the cost of the half-price seats. There was no word from the club (regarding) what will be done with the unsold tickets.

According to my sources within the media, local restaurants, concert venues and charity events were deluged with a massive tidal wave of cancellations and refund requests mere minutes after the announcement was made. It seems the entire City of Cleveland will be watching as the Browns attempt to wrest the Bronze Barge trophy back from the Lions. Make us proud, boys!