Saturday, May 6, 2006

Vox in the Box (5)

3 Days in May

Wednesday Night: Mrs. Vox and I checked into the hospital during Game 5. We got out of the car right when Bron missed the jumper at the end of regulation. I watched overtime in the waiting room. After Arenas nailed two free throws and the Cavs were down a point, the nurse said our room was ready and I figured Mrs. Vox was in no mood to mess around. I got up and told the nurse, Mrs. Vox and the people around me, "I don't need to watch the last 3 seconds because I already know Bron will hit a shot at the buzzer." So we walk down the hall, check into the room....I turn on the TV and the Cavs are hugging. Unfortunately, I was not a witness that night.

Thursday Night: Mrs. Vox gives birth, via c-section. I was a witness.

Friday Night: The Goose and I watch her first SVAC game together in one of the recovery rooms. I'm not as confident this time, especially when I see Amon coming out for the final possession and we don't need the 3 -pointer. I understand Coach Brown wanted to spread the floor, but you're not spreading the floor if the shooter isn't a threat. But I was wrong; what do I know? Unbelievable move by Coach Brown, who was out-coached most of the series. When that ball bottomed out and the Bullets missed their final desperate shot , so many SVAC deamons were exorcised from my body. I fell to my knees in pure disbelief.

There were many fans that pissed me off at the end of last year because they didn't care if the Cavs made the playoffs or not. They argued naively, what's the point of making the playoffs when we'll be swept? Somebody please, please tell me how getting swept by the Pistons in the first round last year and experiencing their world-class playoff D-fense would not have helped the Cavs pepare for what we're going to run into tomorrow?

If we do lose to Roit, it will be because Coach Brown isn't much with Xs and Os, has some weird fascination with Andy "NBDL" Varajeo, and won't make adjustments when we go through complete quarters taking dumb shots and not recognizing who is hot for the Pistons. But I don't think we're going to lose. I'll have a better idea after Game 1, but I think Roit is very beatable. And I'm telling you now- Roit won't win the NBA title this year, Steve Nash rules, Eric Snow is the most underrated player in the league, LeBron is Jesus, Mike Woodson I mean Wilkes for Flip was the greatest trade in Cleveland sports history (Dilfer for Dorsey may be a close 2nd), and let me tell you 'bout Lah-ree Huuuughes-- even when he can't shoot, (which is often) he's contributing in so many other ways. I love you Larry. SVAC over Roit in 5. And gimme a stack of dem johnycakes.

I've watched a ton of 'BA in my day and I have never seen a player put on an offensive display like Arenas did (no, the Cavs didn't guard him much...but does it really matter when a three point bomb is like a layup for Arenas?). Still, the difference between Arenas and a truly great player like MJ and Bron is that great players don't miss two free throws and a bunny lay-up down the stretch in a playoff. What a choke by him, and the Bullets last night. I hate the Bullets, and Coach Jordan has a summer to think about how we partied on his court after his half-ass guarantee. Eat me Eddie.

We're still at Rainbow tonight, and my laptop is logged on as a "guest" to the CWRU med-school wireless network (so all of these words are unsecured, bra). We're scheduled to go home tomorrow, but I may have to watch the the rest of the payoffs here. These last three days were the most eventful, dramatic and happiest of my life. I got pooped on, did some classic re-evaluating and made all sorts of deals with the man upstairs. Now I need to live up to my end of the bargain.

No time for top tens 2nite, but I did read some emails yall wrote that evoked my favorite song by Aeromsith: Amazing. So I close with Steven Tyler's greatest lic ever--

it's amazin...
with the blink of an eye, you finally see the light
it's amazin...
when the moment arrives that you know you'll be alright's amaaaaayyyyyyzin--
And I'm sayin' a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight

Parting is inevitable, but I'll see you in the promised land.