Sunday, February 5, 2012

: Vox Lox: Super Sunday 2012

Tom Brady
I've given myself away. At this point, how do I pick against the Patriots?
But writing off my wager as a know-nothing school girl with a celebrity crush would be tremendously irresponsible of you. There are very few handicappers that can match Vox's documented success in the Super Bowl. In 2008, on Time Warner's The Daily Dose, I was all over the Giants at +11 against the undefeated Pats. In 2009, I almost nailed the score exactly, predicting a close Stiller win and a Cardinal cover. After taking 2010 off from handicapping for personal reasons, I returned last year and hit the biggest play of my gambling career: a 10-dime money-line, leap of faith on the underdog Packers. So get out on the streets, guys and gals, and bust your book:

Pats/Giants Over 55, 1 dime
Giants to win first half +120, 1 dime
PATS (-2.5) over Giants in SuperBowl XLVI, 3 DIMES


Two weeks ago: 1-1 (-2 dimes)
Season: 30-28-3 (+1 dime)