Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vox Superbowl Sunday Pix

Good season, it was. Vox Pix has finally come to its welcomed conclusion. Although the actual writing was never as tight or innovative as it should've been, you can't argue with my handicapping results. Yes, that was the Vox that went 2-0 on Championship Sunday, swiping 3 dimes from the Crookie. A win today will put me eight games over .500, which is exactly where I ended up last year. Even though I struggled with my overall pick'em record in the reg season and playoffs, I turned a nice profit for everyone because I knew which games to pounce on and when to lay off. Bottom line, I know what I don't know. And that has helped me bury my book for the 3rd consecutive season. And we won't stop. 'Coz we can't stop.

Pittspuke 30-24
Your Super Wager is 2 dimes on Arizona +7.

Playoffs Overall: 3-7
Playoffs Against the Spread: 6-4
Playoffs Against the Crookie: 3-1

Season/Playoffs vs. the Crookie: 28-21-3
Last 2 Seasons vs. the Crookie: 48-33-6.

...And STILL Cleveland's Premier handicapper.

On a somber note, I will unfortunately be leaving this blog for awhile. I may comment on something here and there, but the Vox will no longer be a regular contributor. I have to go dream it all up again. I'll see yall someday in the promised land. As they say, parting is...inevitable.