Friday, November 28, 2008

Vox Pix (13)

Good? No, I was much better than good. Great? Nope-- I was better than that. Friends, I was THE most exceptional handicapper in the world last sunday, sweeping 4 games. It's hard enough to pick four winners off a slate of supposedly tight lines in week 12, but what's really impressive is the way it all went down. These games were not hold-your-breath or backdoor covers. They were absolute point spread obliterations. I had Under 50 in the Browns game, and the total was 22. New England -2, and they won by 20. Falcons -1, and the the final margin was 17. Buffalo -3, and they crushed the Chiefs by 23.

My critics will call it a lucky week. Maybe so. But after a solid September and a nearly catastrophic October, I am 10-4 this month. More importantly, I am now 17-12 overall . I am betting with the Crookie's money again, and I am on my way to a third straight winning NFL season. The fact that my Pick'Em record is so poor only illuminates the success of Vox Pix. Losing weeks will happen, but I will persevere...and when the dust settles after 21 weeks of pro football, we will have taken the book down together.

Colts -4.5 over those Turkeys in Berea
Ravens -7 over Bengals
Patriots -1 over Pittspuke
Raiders/Chiefs Under 42

Last week: Fucking 4-0
Season: 17-12-3