Friday, September 26, 2008

Vox Pix (4)

Good grief...did you notice the sad irony in last week's column? The Vox cursed his own fan blindness in backing the Buckeyes against SC, and then went ahead and picked the Browns to cover. The very team that he reasoned was the one to bet against in his football preview because of the national media's unrealistic expectations. Oh my, must I keep making homer mistakes? The Browns were a bitter bettor's pill last sunday, especially when you consider that they account for my only gambling loss of the '08 NFL season.

Here's what's gone right:
* 3 straight winning weeks to start the NFL season
* Two more bookie busters under my belt as the Niners and Chargers easily exposed inaccurate point spreads
* Up 40 dimes of profit

Most of the nation's handicappers warned that you don't bet against Brett Favre on Monday Night, much less give him 9 points. But when I set my own line for this game, I gave Brett 12.5. When it moved to 8 on a few hours before kickoff, I couldn't bet it fast enough. It was my favorite kind of oddsmaker error: Vegas adjusting the line to reflect the public's crazy affinity for Brett the Jet.

Look, my customers and I have our Man in the hole and we're going for the jugular this week with three Vulcan nerve pinches:

Rams (+8) over Buffalo
Titans (-3) over Minnesota
Chargers (-7) over Oakland

2008 Presidential Debate:
Senator Barack Obama (-14.5) over Senator John McCain
Ok, this is happening as I'm writing this-- and it looks like Barry is going to cover.

Last week: 2-1
Season: 4-1-1


Who is the Vox?

SamVox is not a professional handicapper, but a premier one. He has been gambling his entire adult life and has experienced every sickening turn and nasty twist of fate that occurs during a football season. What distinguishes the Vox is his amazing intuition, astoundingly long memory, attention to detail and preparation, aversion to propaganda and access to the industry's sharpest bettors. He is a two time Pick'Em champion and went 20-12-2 against the spread with his Vox Pix in 2007. His critically-dismissed Vox in the Box column also appears here at