Friday, September 19, 2008

Vox Pix (3)

Goodness gracious, I am knee deep in Time Warner's MLB Package. I ordered it for the final two weeks of the season, so I could follow every pulsating pitch and hellacious hit as the Vox of Van Nuys sweat out our first fantasy pennant race. It's not easy flipping between all 14 MLB channels; I stay logged on to the CBS GameCenter so I know when one of my players is at bat or on the mound, and then I switch over to that game. And I'm all the better for it. If I hadn't purchased the package, I'd never know that Hall of Fame Virgin Pimp Mark McLemore is the color man for the Rangers broadcasts. (By the way, I asked Time Warner when the Sunday Ticket will be available even though I know the answer. The phone rep said they're still negotiating. I said I'm gonna have to get DirecTV if it doesn't happen soon...MoreSports&LesLevine will no longer keep me hostage.)

You didn't need The Ticket, though, to see the end of the Broncos v Chargers last weekend. A miracle cover by Denver as the line moved to San Diego -1.5 on game day. And even though I won my bet, since the line was Broncos -1 when I advised my clients in this space...I will consider it a push. Unfortunately, I let you down with my NCAA pick. Not because I lost- like I told you when we started this journey together, I will not win every game. I let you down because I made a homer pick. I didn't know much about SC, and I don't follow college football closely enough to successfully handicap it on my own.

The first rule of sports betting is never wager on your favorite teams, as most fans can't be objective. I can honestly state I don't drink the kool-aid when it comes to the Browns, Cavaliers and Indians. But I have a major weakness for The Ohio State Buckeyes. I lost big on the Bucks, just as I did against LSU and Florida and the '05 debacle vs. Texas and the '06 showdown win over Michigan when we didn't cover the -7. Going forward, I will not rely on my own hunch for NCAA picks; I will only release a play if there is a consensus from my network of college handicappers.

Of course, Sunday Football is another matter. I like three games this week. I'm throwing in the monday-nighter to make up for the Ravens/Texans postponement. (Doug, you may want to start your own NFL column for the J-News while you are picking winners like Vinny Chase picks up smoking hot chicks.)

Browns (+2.5) over Baltimore
49ers (-4) over Detroit
Chargers (-9) over the Jets

Last week: 0-0-1
Season: 2-0-1


Who is the Vox?

SamVox is not a professional handicapper, but a premier one. He has been gambling his entire adult life and has experienced every sickening turn and nasty twist of fate that occurs during a football season. What distinguishes the Vox is his amazing intuition, astoundingly long memory, attention to detail and preparation, aversion to propaganda and access to the industry's sharpest bettors. He is a two time Pick'Em champion and went 20-12-2 against the spread with his Vox Pix in 2007. His critically-dismissed Vox in the Box column also appears here at