Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vox Lox: Wild Card Weekend 2013

Been thinking about perfection all week with 2013 in its infancy, the ten year anniversary of Ohio's State's 14-0 season, and my annual dream of picking eleven NFL playoff winners starting in a few minutes. You make any new year's resolutions, dog? Chances are, you're still perfect. No way you smoked a Marlboro Red yet. I'll give you till Martin Luther King Day, maximum. And I'm sure you're still at the gym, going Curt Hennig until, minimum, the first snow storm. Me? I'll be happy enough to escape the next 28 hours without a blemish. Four incredibly tight lines, Three first-year QBs, Two AFC North rivals, and ONE impossibly inspirational motif called ChuckStrong. The networks are flexed and determined to beat the living drama out of every moment, and successfully marry it to their zealous advertisers. You'll stay tuned for the climax, but you better buy an iPhone, hit your local Ford dealership, or, at the very least, stream six ways to Sunday with AT&T U-Verse and Generation Z. Me? I'm only here for the action. The results will be the first time I actually feel something in 2013. And for 360 more days, I'll chase down any fucking W I can get my small, half-Jewish hands on. Those wins will be wide-ranging, from wild-card weekend to Words with Friends. From my Tuesday night pick-up games to your neighborhood 5k. I cover the spread, and therefor I am. 

Seattle (-3) over Redskins, 4 dimes
Packers (-8) over Vikings, 3 dimes
Bengals (+4) over Houston, 2 dimes
Colts (+7) over Ravens, 1 dime

Season: 3-3 (+5 dimes)