Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vox Lox (5)

When you met your busted-up Bookie last tuesday at the gas station off the freeway exit, or your local barbershop, or in front of Mrs. Fields at the mall and he handed you that manila envelope filled with jack and looked at you with bewildered amazement...well, hopefully you let him know he'd been voxed. Simply put, there weren't any other handicappers in the industry that went 4-0 with their NFL slate last week. I may pontificate on the Back to the Future trilogy, My So Called Life, porn stars, etc., but I'm always particularly focused on exploiting each week's oddsmaker errors. Those who have rode me long enough know I won't go undefeated every week, but I will consistently build bankrolls with careful, informed wagers. Those who jumped on last week, welcome back...we're playing with your man's money now...and the Crookie crumbles again with these moves:

Eagles (-2.5) over Bills, 2 dimes
49ers (-3) over Buccaneers, 2 dimes
Raiders (+6) over Texans, 1 dime

Last Week: 4-0 (+6 dimes)
Season: 9-4 (+3 dimes)


Who is the Vox?
SamVox is not a professional handicapper, but a premier one. He has been gambling his entire adult life and has experienced every sickening turn and nasty twist of fate that occurs during a football season. What distinguishes the Vox is his amazing intuition, astoundingly long memory, attention to detail and preparation, aversion to propaganda and access to the industry's sharpest bettors. He is a two time Pick'Em champion and went 85-71-8 against the spread with his Vox Lox over three seasons. His critically-dismissed Vox in the Box column also appears here at Cleveland Sports Torture.