Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vox Lox: Divisional Playoff Pix

Allow me to shine Vox Lox's little light on Brandon Lang. In case you didn't know, Lang had a movie made (2005's Two for the Money) about his life as a handicapper working for a taut service. He attempted to use the film to increase his visibility, and, of course, sell more picks. Lang's always been quite adept at marketing himself, although his handicapping skills never measured up. 2009 exposed him as one of the biggest scam artists in an industry full of them. He went 406-460-15, which equated to -1634 dimes. For the mathematically challenged, let me put that into perspective: If you bet $100 a game using Lang's selections, he would've lost you $163,400. Lang sought to salvage his reputation by foolishly offering a 1000-dime play on the Colts in the SuperBowl. His bosses refused, and Lang lost another 250 dimes when the Saints won outright. So unbelievably horrid, Lang was soon fired from his own website (he recently returned, spewing a new brand of bullshit).

Yes, I'm trying to make myself feel better as I head into this weekend's games on the wrong side of my bankroll. Rest assured, I won't chase my money. But I am much more confident in my locks this week than last-- hence the increase in dimes wagered. I released only two four-dime plays throughout the regular season (and won both); on this week's AFC sunday slate, the gambling genies have granted us two oddsmaker errors:

Ravens (+3.5) over Pittspuke, 4 dimes
Patriots (-8.5) over Jets, 4 dimes
Packers (+2) over Falcons, 1.5 dimes
Bears (-10) over Seahawks, half dime

Last week: 2-2 (even)
Season: 32-35-3 (-6 dimes)