Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vox Championship Sunday Pix

Good film, Doubt. I'm always critical of a play's ability to successfully translate to the bright screen but Doubt's ambitions are smoothly understated and buried under the religious rough of great performances. It's hard to handicap a boxing match between Scandal and Paranoia, or in Doubt's case-- Seymour Hoffman and it occurred to me while watching Doubt that writing my Pix column and then wagering my hard earned on the NFL is truly an exclamation of my own faith. My existence is one of cynicism, anxiety and dysfunction, but Vox Pix is my weekly exercise in belief. Regardless of last week's gambling catastrophe, I stand before you naked and confident, with only My Faith to cancel out Your Doubt. We've all incorporated that feeling into Vox Pix this season, as I was alarmingly inconsistent. And there is surely a legion of non-believers even as I head into today's game showing a slight profit versus The Crookie. Walk on.

Steelers 20 Ravens 6
Eagles 26 Cards 23

My plays:
2 dimes on Pittspuke -6.
1 dime on Arizona +4. (Cards at +170 is tempting, but the Eagles win on a David Akers field goal.)

Last Week:
Overall: 0-4
Against the spread: 1-3
Against the Crookie: 0-1

Overall: 2-6
Against the spread: 4-4
Against the Crookie: 1-1

Season/Playoffs vs. the Crookie: 26-21-3