Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vox Pix (11)

Good excuses I have for losing last week. The Vikings had the cover all but turned in, Margie, and then Gus Forgot they have no business passing when they can sit on a lead with AP. Also, last week's picks came from yours truly; MINT was out of action, chilling with his master in the Bahamas.

MINT is back this week and offers us two chalks and a road dog:

Falcons -6 over Denver
Dollar4corn -4 over Minnesota
Browns +5 over Bills

Last week: 1-2
Season: 11-11

I liked the Bills in this game originally, and it makes me nauseous to put my hard-earned behind a Romeo-coached football club but I know MINT knows better than the Vox. MINT is 3-1 for Vox Pix and 5-1 overall. Right now, I am asking MINT two important questions...will the Cavalies go 41-0 at the Q this year...and where is the location of the fifth and final golden ticket?